Our partnership

Our partnership

The uniqueness of the South Gobi Cashmere Project is its capacity to develop multi-lateral partnerships encompassing fashion, mining, conservation, academia, biodiversity and aerospace.

In terms of project structure the Oyu Tolgoi copper mine and luxury goods conglomerate Kering, along with the Wildlife Conservation Society form a Steering Committee that provides strategic oversight and direction to the South Gobi Cashmere Project. The following partners provide the technical or operational support to help deliver the outcomes:

South Gobi Cashmere Project partners
Khorkhiin Naran in Nomgon soum and Shurkhan Zalaa in Bayan-OvooHerder cooperatives comprising 140 families
Bankhurain Dog programProvides a special breed of Mongolian dogs to watch the herds and deter wildlife predators
Wildlife Friendly Enterprise NetworkDevelops wildlife friendly sustainability standards for the South Gobi Cashmere Project
Stanford University’s Natural Capital ProjectUndertaking a three year study to develop remote sensing tools to help measure a change in the Gobi ecosystems
NASAFunds Stanford University’s Natural Capital Project
VET NetVolunteers veterinaries and students who assess goat herd health and train herders and local vets

Wildlife Conservation society

Implements the South Gobi Cashmere Project on the ground in the South Gobi
KeringFrench luxury conglomerate committed to purchasing sustainable cashmere for its apparel brands
Oyu TolgoiProvides support to the sustainable development of the region and delivering on its commitment to have a net positive impact on the delicate ecosystem in the South Gobi province